Saturday, May 11, 2013

Stuck in the village

It was raining most of the morning and the boys mainly played under the tin roof outside. They are very inventive with the few objects outside. A teeter totter, restaurant table, all with a few sticks and stools. I played some badminton with Joshua too. They actually had fun, besides complaining about no paper to draw on. When we tried to take them out after nap to see the old swimming hole and village noone wanted to go except Joshua. He walked with me through the village, where people were alternately curious, scared and friendly. Soo many houses built close to each other or to the old ones, one with a tin roof covering the house and cement yard. A clinic that I'd be scared to go into and didn't look very open. A few small shops, where we finally bought some bubble sticks for a whopping 1 RMB. 

Tonight we ate under the tin roof, tons of food as always but half the village showed up to share. At one point there were half a dozen kids running and screaming. I finally got Isaac to get them to watch tv and quiet down. They are having fun with their cousin Jiaxin, which is good since last time he was an undisciplined bully. 

I have to get used to them counting age on the Chinese calendar. They say Jiaxin is eight when really he is six. I saw another tiny girl heading off to kindergarten and her dad said she was six. I started to ask if she was in school then realized she must be 4. 

Tomorrow we are off on the last train ride and finally, home!

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