Saturday, June 25, 2011

The World is Quite Enough

Like many kids, I used to dream of space travel. But three flights and 24 hours of travel with kids later, I realize travel on my home planet holds enough adventure for now.

We were blessed to have the two seats next to us vacated on our 11-hour flight. 23-month-old Joshua loved having his own seat and was quite possessive of it at first. Of course he quickly decided all the seats were for climbing around. As expected, no activities kept him happy for a long time, but the snacks in the back of the plane were a godsend. And he of course charmed everyone he ran into. He believes everyone exists for his entertainment, and fortunately people seem easily convinced this is true.

I should have better planned more activities for the almost 6-year-olds though. They had books, drawing paper, and new magazines but kept asking what they could do. We were disappointed to find the plane had no personal video screens – those would have been a great aid, but Delta was otherwise a good experience.

Now we are dealing with middle of the night wakings and already dreading the return flight and adjustment. But we are also looking forward to our Texas adventures, time with family and all the free activities the San Antonio Visitors’ Bureau has helped us arrange. Woo hoo!