Sunday, March 24, 2013

Haidian Park and Wanquan Cultural Park

Saturday I planned to take the boys to Haidian Park after I discovered the 384 bus goes there from near our house. Jack thought I was crazy not to take a taxi but I like a reasonable adventure. He suggested a smaller park across the street and that is where the bus deposited us. After Joshua barely survived a bump with a bike we made it into the playground.

This is a fun, real playground, unusual in china. After a while, we moved to a flat area where they rode scooter and wave board (did I mention we brought those too?) and when I got too cold and hungry we crossed the bridge and got back on the bus, which conveniently deposited us near McDonald's. And as I fixed Joshua's Velcro for the umpteenth time there was a shoe stall and I bought him a pair. So we had a fun day and all took a good nap and later watched a movie late and all slept in our room (Joshua badly) Saturdays are fun!