Sunday, July 3, 2011

My travel "hit & miss" list: The good here and there

WHAT I LIKE ABOUT BEING IN THE US (suburban Texas to be precise)

Not the only one at the supermarket with a full cart – and no old ladies commenting that two loaves of bread is “so much”.

Strangers smile and say “hello” and it’s not because I’m white.

(Most) Strangers also don’t give their opinions on how my children are dressed, or whether they’re big/small, should be potty trained, etc…

Drivers actually stop for small children (and even adults!).

Awesome and free playgrounds! (not to mention affordable public pools)

Family, of course! And good home cookin’ (not to mention cook-ies!) J



Chinese food

Nanny! And cleaning lady! And driver!

Good public transport and cheap taxis

Plentiful and cheap produce

The relatively easy life and employment for foreigners…

The unpredictability of life and work…


  1. "the relatively easy life and employment for foreigners"
    hi,may i ask what are the possible jobs there that a foreigner may apply to?
    thanks :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. where are you from? jobs here and pay depends a lot on your experience, of course the most common is english teaching. i work in media and it's far from an expat package many professionals get but it's nice.